Our core area of expertise is marketing and the associated strategy development and project management. We are accustomed to working with all of the stakeholders from the healthcare sector.

Our customers are physician practices, hospitals and medical networks, as well as the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.

The tools that we use in our daily work are practice websites, networking sites, product and disease websites, smart phone and iPad applications, detailing, eDetailing, ads, mailings, eNewsletters, and patient information, patient brochures, patient programs and adherence programs... yes we can!

Some examples of projects for the purpose of illustration:

  • Would you like to tackle the development of a physician or patient website, but don't have enough time? Endres Projects can take over everything for you, from defining the objective, to content and programming, as well as maintenance of the website.
  • Would you like a second opinion for your strategy, or fine tuning, or perhaps reorientation? Our strategic expertise in addressing customer needs and working in a targeted manner could be of use to you in your multifaceted daily routine. For important decisions, it can be important to make use of the objectivity of an external person.

  • Would you like to have a patient brochure dealing with diabetes, breast cancer or high blood pressure? No problem - we can deliver such brochures to you, ready for use.

  • Would you like to update the sales force handbook (detailing) and perhaps transfer it at the same time from printed format into digital format? No problem - thanks to our scientific background and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we know the dos and don'ts and are in a position to support you efficiently.

Instead of developing and executing your campaign or strategy for you, we are also happy to take over the purely operational part of the work. Do you have your own ideas, but no time to implement them? We are the right point of contact for your project management needs.

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