“I recruited Bettina Oberle (now Endres) directly from university (PhD) as hospital sales representative HIV/antibiotics at MSD Switzerland. Bettina was very comitted to her job and was very business oriented. She got acquainted with her position in a very short time period and was therefore promoted to a product manager position after several months. Bettina has a very professional and forward-oriented working style. Energy and focus are additional assets for her professional success.”  January 21, 2012; P.S., Marketing Manager, MSD


“I worked with Bettina at viagra online Merck in her role as Patient Education and Communication Manager focusing on Immunology. Bettina and I worked closely across European markets implementing patient support programs in each market as well as early diagnosis websites/programs. Bettina is a professional and extremely knowledgeable in this area. She understands the patient and their needs, which enables her to bring exceptional value. Bettina is able to work on teams, execute with excellence, and provide high quality services.”
April 16, 2012; C.G., Regional viagra online Marketing LEad Immunology, EUCan I & II, Merck


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